Wednesday, April 14, 2010


after anna had a bath she wanted to wear a "cape" {hooded bath towel} so she could be "hooper-man" {superman}: ok! a few minutes later, i was in the kitchen and she came in to greet me wearing, not her cape, but this::
no diaper. backwards pants. a backwards and inside out shirt with some serious problems cutting off the circulation to her right arm.

first, i took her picture, then took it all off, started with the all-important diaper layer, put the pants on the right away, got the circulation moving in her arm again and put her shirt on the right way. the neck is now big enough to fit me, but i think it'll shrink back up soon. i hope so, at least. all during lunch she kept saying "picture a me?" wanting me to take her picture again. vain little thing! she's such a silly girl.

joe informed me today that i am the "meanest mom in the whole world" today. hmmm, i didn't know that, buddy. thanks for telling me. how dare i not allow unlimited movie watching and junk food eating. i guess he's right, i am a mean mom!

it's been windy and a little rainy today {not the 80's we thought we might get}, but it's starting to brighten up again now.

i finished this book today. it was great! i really like francine rivers. she is an amazing author. if you haven't read "redeeming love", you must! i finished this one in just a few days. bring on the next book. i love to read!

happy wednesday to you!


  1. I love it when they try on their own. Danya has yet to successfully put on a shirt but the tries she makes are always hilarious. However, once she hears the noise of the camera turning on it comes off too fast to capture it. Talk about vain, I can't get any embarassing photos now that she knows the sound of the camera motor.

  2. Enjoy it while she stills want her picture taken, cuz that grow out of that!

    You're just as mean as me, although not about the junk food, that's a no no in our house.


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