Monday, April 26, 2010

multitude monday

Here's my continuing Multitude Monday post, which all started a while back, right here.

"One Thousand Gifts":

437. tylenol pm
438. rain
439. a much less hectic week ahead
440. company
441. the ability to laugh at yourself {and at your friends too!}
442. kids singing praise to God
443. getting {slightly} better
444. the smell of brownies baking
445. having a wonderful husband
446. great deals {a whole garbage bag full of great maternity clothes for $23}
447. naps
448. CSC
449. catching up with friends
450. generosity and sacrifice
451. laughter
452. soup
453. the library
454. a really yummy hamburger!

Alrighty, that's it's for now. Tune in next Monday for the next installment.

holy experience


  1. great list- don't you love one thousand gifts! so many hearts lifted up in gratitude- have a great week, Laura
    $23 for whole bag of clothes! good job!

  2. Why are brownies so so good? Oh my, it is a wonderful thing! I also love your sweet banner!

    Many blessings this week,
    from the gratitude community

  3. Love your header....such a sweet picture. I was just sharing with some friends yesterday about those who do find great deals on clothing or books....$23.00 for a whole bag. And, I was happy to get a shirt for that much. God's blessings on you and your family!

  4. Oh, the brownies one makes em want some, but I will be good and make do with the rbead I baked this morning.

  5. Great list... #454 is great - I am pregnant and just the other day was out in the yard smelling someone else grilling a hamburger -- YUM! Also just had a chance to catch up with my BFF - always a treat. Have a great week of thankfulness.


  6. mmmmm...I love the smell of brownies too!


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