Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This one's gonna sound crazy, but the past couple days in a row Anna has taken to waking up a tad before 6. Today, this is what I'm thankful for.

I'll explain::

Being kiddo #5, Anna doesn't get a whole lot of one-on-one time. She goes to bed first. The only time all the other kiddos are gone {at school and preschool}, she naps. She is really never the first one up for the day. So, her time is always shared with siblings aplenty. But this short time in the early morning, it's just the 2 of us. Daddy is already gone, the other kiddos are all still sleeping.

We snuggle. We read. We chat. Then she tells me "night night" and goes back to bed. It's been about 15 minutes usually . . . and {once I pull myself out of bed} I love it! We read the same 3 books. She's obsessed. Goodnight Gorilla, Just in Case you Ever Wonder and From Head to Toe. They are her favorites. We snuggle in the little chair. Then she lets me know she's ready and I tuck her back into bed and begin my day.

Much better than an alarm clock, wouldn't you say?

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  1. It truly is the little things, isn't it? And after last week, what a blessing to have happy time with your girl. Hope your week is wonderfully boring and routine! See you Sunday - choir is gonna be rockin'! :)


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