Monday, April 26, 2010


we're having out-of-town company tonight::

donors kirb knows through work.

the people we stayed with when we went to texas.

we don't know them very well.

{don't worry, they aren't crazy:: they're just coming for dessert and to say hi and meet the small people . . . they aren't staying here or anything!}

the house is pretty much a disaster! {it was SUPER clean on saturday:: floors mopped. kitchen cleaned. junk picked up. beds made . . . but that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with monday. today it is another story all together!}

anna does things like this {she was caught -- or just lost interest -- when there were about 3 tissues left in the fairly newish box of 200. it's so fun that they just keep popping up like that!}::
which do not help the situation any!

plus, i'm sick!

thankfully {i'm trying to look on the bright side here!} with this nasty cold i've got, i go through about this many tissues every 5 minutes or so. thus, i won't even bother picking them up, i'll just use them off the floor and the problem should resolve itself very shortly!

now, i'd better get back to work. there's LOTS to be done!


  1. Danya pulls every one out and spits in each one trying to make blowing the nose noises. It's tons of fun right? especially when you have people coming over. Feel better soon. Hugs

  2. Just reading this makes me want to take a nap!


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