Friday, April 16, 2010


i borrowed this from my friend gina's blog today. anyway, i edited it with my own info circled {isn't her handwriting amazing? i love it and am more than a tad "green" over it!}, but my info isn't much different than her original list was, we must be kindred spirits! i couldn't decided between introvert and extrovert {indecisive would have been circled, i guess, had that been an option} . . . i can be a little of both. also on the "neat or messy" i picked neat, because that would be my preference, but often MESSY is what you find around here, given the circumstances that i live under . . . at least in this season of life!

i thought this was a fun idea. gina is super-duper talented. she made our {beautiful} wedding invitations nearly 14 years go and also made jacob's {adorable} birth announcements 11 years ago. and she only gets more talented with time. plus, gina and her husband share our anniversary {or we share theirs, since they beat us to the alter by half a decade}, how fun is that?

thanks for the fun idea gina! have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Shana,

    Thank you so much for linking me to your friends blog and her etsy site. I just spent way too much time reading and looking! You are right, her handwriting is fabulous. But, I must say I have always admired yours too! I am always looking at handwriting and fonts--another thing you and I have in common.

    Looking forward to seeing you next Saturday night!


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