Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm quirky

I admit it :: I'm weird. A little {or maybe more} quirky. But, that's just me. Take it or leave it. Here are a few quirky things that I've noticed about myself lately . . . or known for quite a while, actually.

I love it when something is used up. Maybe it comes from having lots of people living here and lots of stuff and the fact that clutter drives me a little crazy. But the moment I squeeze that last little bit of shampoo out of the bottle and know that now I can take the empty bottle out to the recycling and put a fresh, new bottle in the shower, I feel a little giddy. A new box of cereal. A new package of diapers. A new bar of soap. A new bag of flour. A new box of Qtips. It makes me happy each time. Since we don't have unlimited finances {far from it!}, you would think I would be bummed when things were used up, since that would mean that more money needed to be spent to replace whatever we'd used. As it turns out, that's not at all the case. I wouldn't complain if the flour and oil {figuratively speaking} never ran out like in the story of the widow that shared her last little bit of food with Elijah in I Kings, chapter 17, and was then blessed with a miracle of her jars of flour and oil to never quite run out -- but since that hasn't happened for us lately {although the Lord has provided for us all that we need, just not in that way!} I'll continue to enjoy the happiness I get from using up and replenishing. It is the way of life, right?

Also, I can never keep "viral" and "bacterial" straight. Which one is it that you can do nothing about and which one will get you drugs? I can never keep them quite straight in my mind and have to think hard each and every time to remember which is which . . . and I feel like I should have it down pat by now with how many times I must have brought a kiddo {or myself} into the doctor and been told the news that it's just viral and will have to run it's course, there's nothing we can do for you . . . for her . . . for him! And yet I still have to strain my brain to remember which is which.

Which leads me to quirky thing #3: I can never remember the difference between course and coarse. Just another thing that, as many times as I use it, I can't keep it straight in my head. To write "will have to run it's course" in the above paragraph I need a little assistance from WikiAnswer to make sure I was using the correct word {or, should I say, the write word . . . just kidding! Right and write I have absolutely no trouble with. Nor do I get mixed up by too, to or two. You're or your. Our, hour or are. None of those give me even a seconds pause, but course and coarse I never am confident about.}

I also am never confident about people's names if I haven't seen them for a while . . . or sometimes even if I have. I really mean NEVER. Maybe it's just a poor self-esteem thing, who knows. It's especially bad if I bump into someone out of context or unexpectedly. I think to myself :: I am 99.9% sure that that is Jen. But maybe that's not right. Is it college I know her from or ECFE? Maybe high school? Shoot! Should I call her Jen or should I just wait and see if she says her name. Should I introduce myself? Maybe she doesn't remember my name for sure either. Maybe that would help if I just told her my name. Maybe then she would remind me of hers. :: My gut instinct is almost always right with the name {I can't remember actually having it ever be wrong. Don't misunderstand, sometimes I just don't remember a person's name at all, but when I think I do but lack confidence, I can't remember ever being wrong. But then again, I often can't remember -- or keep straight, at least -- the names of my own children. And I got to pick what they were called in the first place. So, maybe you shouldn't take much stock in my memory at all!} Anyhow, if I ever act awkward upon bumping into you, just give me a minute and maybe mention your name so I can fell better. Ok?

Also, I rub my eyes all the time. I don't know why. They don't itch. I just do it. I can't stop. This is part of the reason I don't wear eye makeup. I would just make a mess of it with that first rub. And also there's the fact that I don't have the first clue how to put it on so it looks good anyway. Nor do I have the first clue what colors to wear {the bright blue eyeshadow and electric blue mascara I dabbled with in junior high were unfortunate proofs of my inabilities and lack of discernment!}

I'll stop for now. But, never fear, I've got many more quirks. Maybe I'll make this a regular thing and part II will be forthcoming. We'll see.

This boy takes after his quirky momma with a quite a few quirks of his own. First off he always diverts his eyes away from the camera and has a goofy smile. What's with that? Also, there's that silly voice of his {which I love!}. I could go on, but this isn't really about Joe now, is it?

How about you? What trips you up on a regular basis? What are some of your quirks . . . I know you've got some, don't try to deny it. I might even be able to help give you a hint as to what they are if I know you well enough.


  1. Yours is a beautiful quirkiness! I am just glad to know that someone else has quirks too! One of my quirks is that I find myself counting things for no apparent reason. For example, last night when I was unloading the dishwasher, I was counting the silverware--what ever for?!? Then I found myself counting the plates as I put them in the cupboard--no need to do that either. Oh well!

  2. My biggest quirk is table settings. Everything has to be even or all odd. There can't be just one person with a different set of dishes and silverware, two people have to have the same dishes and silverware. If that makes any sense. Love ya Shana...quirks and all!

  3. It's funny to read other people's quirks! A couple of mine...I often find myself reading a work backwards and trying to pronounce it. It drives me crazy that I do this. Kind of a waste of time if you ask me. Another quirk....AFFECT vs. this day, I have NO IDEA which is which no matter how many times I try to learn them!

  4. I love it! Your quirks are fabulous... Mine aren't nearly as exciting. I talk with my eyes closed, I crank the air in my car so I can use my seat warmer, and I swallow my chewing gum. See? I'm boooooring!

  5. So funny. I think in terms of what I am doing as my facebook status. Lisa is... Don't know why. I also make lists all the time and write down on my list that I need to make a list about something else. I was considering putting that as my fb status this morning. Hmmm.

  6. I have the exact same "name anxiety" quirk! It drives me crazy. I'm usually right too, but I always second guess my self and get anxious about it. Then, after the chance meeting is over, I feel really bad that I might have been awkward with that person and wonder if they picked up on it. Ugh!


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