Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

So much to be thankful for today {everyday, really -- but today especially!}:
  • a get-away with my favorite person
  • my parents taking great care of my very special little people
  • warmer weather!
  • seeing Beth Moore live
  • air travel
  • new luggage
  • visiting friends
  • cell phones {the kiddos are just on the other end of the phone}
  • a good book for the plane ride
  • a get-away with my favorite person
  • warmer weather
  • Beth Moore live and in person
  • my parents and their willingness to stand in for us for a few days -- what saints!


  1. Enjoy, Enjoy, my dear friend!

  2. Shana,

    Did you go to Texas? Did you go with Kirby? I can't believe it. You never said a thing about going! Please, fill me in!


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