Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Since she could talk, if you asked my youngest what her name was she said, "Baby." If you said to her, "Say Anna." she would reply with "Baby." With other words she would try to copy what you asked her to say, but she was convinced her name was Baby and that A-N-N-A was also pronounced "Baby."

Today I asked her her name and she said, "Anna." I was sad and happy all at once. She is growing up so fast. I realized it all the more having been gone for a few days. My little girl is getting big! I will miss my "Baby" but keep lovin' my "Anna".
Credit for this picture must be give to my favorite 4-year-old and budding photographer, Joe. He loves to take pictures! {and I can't think of a cuter subject}

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  1. cute picture! nice job, joe!

    it's a bittersweet feeling when your baby isn't such a baby anymore...


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