Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heard 'round these parts ::

Anna is talking SO MUCH lately. She is exploding with language and putting multiple words together every day. It's so fun to watch {and hear!} her grow in this way. Here are a few of our favorite funny things that she says lately ::
  • "wii game" {we think she wants to play, like all the big kids . . . plus we often see her with a calculator or some such smallish thing, swinging it around like crazy. I'm sure she'll be playing with the best of 'em soon enough!}
  • "brownie"
  • "cookie"
  • "Haddie" {what she calls her cousin, Haddon}
  • "Baby" {what she calls herself}
  • "No, no mamma!"
Joe has, as you know, been talking for quite some time, but in the past week he has developed some new phrases. We don't know where they came from and we're not overly thrilled about them . . . although we do find them quite funny {but we try not to let him know we find them funny}. He mostly uses them when he's playing the wii, which he is exceptionally gifted at I might add. Anyway, from the mouth of the Joe-ster ::
  • "What the dutts?"
  • "What in the hairs?"
We really don't ever use any phrases beginning "What the . . . " or "What in the . . . ", so I'm a little confused as to where he picked them up. But I do find his interpretation to be quite comical.

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