Saturday, October 31, 2009

boo . . . I mean moo (a repeat)

A repeat of a blog post from a year ago. It's one of my favorites! If you read it last year, you can either skip it all together or look again, it's a fun one if you ask me. AND, I rearranged the pictures so they aren't in the same order. You can make a guess as to who's who if you want, otherwise just enjoy! No fair cheating and if you won last year, you can't win again . . . or maybe you can. Sometimes I'm generous!

Happy Halloween. I'm not a huge fan of the "holiday" in general, but what little kid doesn't like to dress up? Plus there is candy involved, so it's all the more fun! Enjoy your day, whatever you're doing::

it all started in the summer of 1999 when we got a bag of hand-me-downs with a cow suit in it . . . since the beginning of time (ok, not quite that long ago, but a long time nonetheless) our kids have been a cow on their first halloween. we're not big halloween enthusiasts, but who can resist a cute little calf? . . . i daresay, not too many.

so, here are 5 cows. can you identify them correctly? there are pictures of 5 little calves in radom order (or are they? maybe they're in chronological order, i've been known to be kinda tricky on occasion. maybe some psychological knowledge of how i think could come in handy for this one!). our family calves: model year '99, model year '01, model year '02, model year '05 and most recently model year '08. each model year had some slight changes from the previous model, but most features remain quite similar.

if you can correctly identify all 5 calves (by model year or name!) you will win a prize. i don't know what it will be yet, but more than likely it will be something i made. more than 1 person can win . . . but hopefully not too many!! (i just don't have time to make millions of prizes). leave your guesses in the comments and no fair cheating by looking at other people answers . . . you're on your honor here, don't let me down!! (i'm pretty sure i figured out how to hide the comments until the contest is over, so i took away the temptation to cheat all together!!) i'll announce the winners (if there are any!!) in a few days. hopefully the waiting won't be too painful for anyone!


  1. Love this post! Jacob, Joey, Rebekah, Anna, and Lydia. No prize needed! I guess you need to have another little one. :)

  2. What is it with hand me down cows? That's how Danya got her first year too. I'm gonna have to agree it's Jacob, Joe, Rebekah, Anna, and Lydia.

  3. Jacob, Joe, Rebekah, Anna and Lydia!!!!

    Love those little cows. Good to see you guys tonight.


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