Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday {exciting news!}

I'm constantly thankful for CSC and their ministry to needy kiddos in the Philippines! But today I am thankful for CSC and for Ophrah.

Really? Oprah? you ask? Did you not peg me for an Ophrah fan? Well, usually I don't have any strong feelings about her one way or the other and since we don't have TV, I really don't watch her {or anything for that matter} ever.

But, tomorrow on her show she will talk a little about CSC. Even if you don't usually watch, you should try to catch it tomorrow! {10.2.09}. I'm going to try to find someone to tape it for me. Do people still do that or is it all DVR and TiVo or whatever all that stuff is? If you TiVo something on your TV is there any way for me to watch it without coming to your house? I, honestly, have no idea how all that kind of stuff works!! Anyway, I'm not sure how I'll go about it, but somehow, I'm determined to see tomorrow's episode of Oprah! One way or another, it's gonna happen.

There is a little "teaser" on Oprah's site here, with a picture of a family who adopted some kiddos from CSC, it's part of her "Fascinating Families" thingy that, I guess, she does. Oprah also interviews Sandy, one of the staff members at CSC, for this episode. I don't know how much of the interview will make the show, but I'm excited to see it all and excited for this wonderful ministry to get some REALLY BIG publicity.

Hopefully you can find a way to tune in too!


  1. I have a VHS and will be home this afternoon. I just don't know if i have a blank tape or if my machine still records- its so old... but I will give it a try and see if i can tape it for you!!

  2. so, I tryied to record a show and apparently my VCR no longer records from the TV except channels 3 and 13. Sorry. I guess it's a little out of practice.


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