Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for kids who know and are excited about the Word of God.

We were having devotions after dinner the other day and Kirb was reading from Ephesians and the kids went crazy when he got to the section about putting on the armor of God, he'd pause in the reading and they would fill in {very enthusiastically} the next word or phrase. This was totally unplanned and unexpected, but SUPER fun to watch. I made them do it again so I could video it, but, truly, this was just what it was like the first time around too. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Bibleman for all the excitement that the kids have about this passage. They love Bibleman!


  1. That is awesome! and funny. Thanks 4 sharing~ "SALVATION!" I will have to play it again for josiah when he gets home from preschool. He will recognize Joey.

  2. Love it!!! Hope Danya keeps her "Bib-Wal" excitement up and has that kind of excitement over Bible study in the coming years.

  3. That is so excellent!!!!

    ~karen stoll stutzman


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