Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some random stuff

A few random tidbits from our lives the past few days. From our family to you, enjoy:
  • We had 4 nights in a row of middle-of-the-night puking. We are thrilled to have had 2 puke-free nights in a row!
  • Anna "talks" up a storm these days! It's so cute!
  • Lydia lost another tooth {her 7th} last night. It had been wiggly FOREVER and the adult tooth was already half in before the baby one finally came out.
  • Lydia was excited that the tooth fairy remembered her this time {did you know that occassionally he/she forgets to come? Some days are busier tooth days than others, I guess. Usually the mistake is taken care of the next night!} Here's Lydia with her tooth box and gold dollar coin {that's what the tooth fairy always brings!} Also, THIS is what Lydia looks like in the morning. YIKES! She'd be completely fine going to school like that too, but usually I intervene!

  • The kids all have fabulous teachers this year. We are so thankful and blessed!
  • In case you were wondering, the Flashback Friday from last week was Anna. Good job if you got it right. YaYash, I'll get you a prize when you come here . . . in just a few days!!! Yeah!
  • I have an official job for the first time in over 10 years. Regular hours and, thankfully, regular pay. Another HUGE blessing to our family for many reasons. I knew I needed to somehow make a little money for our family and this job literally fell right in my lap. I had just started thinking about what I should do to bring in a little extra money and I got offered a job completely "out of the blue"! Plus, so far so good. I love it!
  • The weather has been absolutely, positively glorious the past couple weeks. How fun is that?
  • I wish my clothesline were bigger. It just doesn't fit 7 people worth of laundry too well. Today is another perfect clothesline day. One load out there now, one finishing up in the washer to soon be joining the drying party on the patio.
  • The kids actually rode the bus today. It was about 15 minutes late, but hopefully one of these days it will be here at the scheduled time! (We shaved over 30 minutes off yesterdays arrival time, so it's looking up!)
  • Lydia looked a little Pipi Longstocking-ish this morning when we went to school. Don't you think?

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