Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The joys of motherhood

A diaperless Anna pooped on the floor this morning {the floor I mopped just yesterday, I might add!!} proceeded to step in the pile of nastiness and then walk throughout the house!

I'm not exactly sure what it was in her diet the past few days that made this particular mess exceptionally gross, but let me assure you: IT WAS GROSS! The entire main floor stunk and the big kids held their noses as they proceeded outside until the incident was all taken care of!

So, I stuck Anna {and Joe, since he wanted to join her} in the tub to soak and self-clean and began the battle against the poop. The big stuff was picked up and tossed, what remained was wiped up, rugs {smallish ones, thankfully!} were picked up {some thrown right in the wash and some spot cleaned, hosed down and hung outside to dry}, floors were swept and then attacked with a mop. I was almost there . . .

Shortly after the freshly cleaned floor was dry and shiny {ok, 30 year-old linoleum never really gets "shiny", but you get the point} Lydia proceeded to spill lemonade on it. A pretty decent amount of lemonade. And, I should mention, before spilling it on the floor it also spilled in the fridge! Super! So I got the mop out again! Hopefully this time it will stay clean for more than 23 minutes.

So, the rugs are all clean {most are even dry and back in their proper places in the house}:
Some, however are still basking in the sun:
The baby is clean {and so is her brother}:
The floor is clean.

This all started at 11 o'clock, right before we were planning a fun visit to the library. It is now 3 and, instead, we're off to the park in hopes that the house can stay clean for just a little while and we can enjoy this amazingly glorious day!

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