Tuesday, September 1, 2009

State Fair, take 1

I love the state fair! We are fair people. I can't remember a year when I didn't go. Most years we go multiple times. The fair is something we look forward to, as a family, all summer long! Our kids look forward to the fair almost all year and each time we drive by the fairgrounds {which is at least 3 times a week, usually} they ask how long until the fair starts again.

We went to the fair on opening day. Last Thursday; "Thrifty Thursday". Everyone was excited! We were geared up to spend the majority of the day there. Admission is cheaper. Rides are discounted {4 tickets, rather than 5}. Plus, since it's the first day, it's still super-duper clean on the fair grounds.

Well, it's wasn't quite the day we all hoped for! It retrospect, and looking through my pictures, it wasn't all bad. But, in the moment, I was pretty crabby and didn't have as much fun as I had planned on having {the best laid plans . . . }. Getting in to the fairgrounds with 7 people is a feat in itself, so here we go: 2 adults, 3 kids walking, 1 in a stroller and a toddler strapped on my back. I had a headache and was starting to get crabby before we even got out of the van . . . about a mile from home. {NOT a good sign!} About an hour in {we arrived about 9 and left a little before 5} Joe started saying that he wanted to go home {typical Joe} and then at one point, about 3ish, he stopped walking and sat down on the sidewalk, put his head in his lap, cried, refused to move and really wanted to go home! If you've ever been to the state fair it's really not a good idea to just up 'n decide to stop moving. There are LOTS of people and a little guy could easily be trampled sitting on the sidewalk! So, we picked him up and kept going, reluctant though he was! Then Lydia went one too many times on the crazy mouse {previously her favorite ride} and got a tummy ache.

Turns out 5 kids {and 2 adults} don't always have the same ideas about what would be fun to do/eat/see/ride next, which can cause a tad bit of turmoil. We wanted to stay together as a family rather than head in 7 different directions, so there was some complaining about that. At one point we split up. Kirb took Joe, Jacob and Beka and I kept Anna and Lydia. We were apart for a half hour or so and then met back up at the cow barn . . . I love those cows. So pretty! By the time we left we had a few kiddos in tears, my headache was worse {despite the Advil} and we were pretty tired.

But, on the upside, we did enjoy some mini donuts that were very tasty, saw the parade, ate some french fries, got weighed {we do this every year and keep printouts of the kids weights -- they are each still under 100 pounds, but I'm sure by next year at least one of them will have tipped the scales into the triple digits. I won't mention which one is the most likely candidate.}, went on a few rides, got free samples of ice cream {well, everyone but Jacob. Actually I told him to take one too and then I ate 2!}, saw some animals, ate some more stuff and put lots of miles on our feet.

Enjoy a little bit of our day at the fair with us:

Lydia & Rebekah share a soft pretzel with cheese.
Our first food of the day . . . it was nummy!
Bob Joe the Builder:
Joe at the Little Farm Hands {one of our family favorites}:
Anna sportin' her John Deere:
The whole {crabby-ish} bunch:
Anna's had enough of this photo shoot:
Beautiful skies above Falcon Heights:
Joe enjoys the pirate ride:
Kirb took Rebekah, Jacob and Joe to see Gigi Marvin, one of the women on the USA olympic hockey team. Gigi grew up in Warroad and Kirb's first job was working for her dad at his restaurant, The Patch. So, he's known her since she was just a little thing. Now she's all grown up and famous. And yet, she remembered him right away. Does that make him famous too? How about me, does it make me famous?
Some tiny little piglets:
And the MUCH larger version that they can aspire to grow into {or not!}:
Joe loved the goats:
Crazy mouse, take 1:
We'll be going to the fair again on Sunday, so we'll hope for less crabiness, good weather, more great food and an overall enjoyable day. We'll be with some terrific friends, so hopefully that will help too.

Here's to good times at the fair!

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  1. I keep seeing all the MN friends on Facebook headed to the fair. There is nothing like the Minnesota State Fair! I miss it. :) Hope you guys get to go live it up again later!


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