Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of school!

A beautiful morning to start a new year of school!
5th grade.
3rd grade.
2nd grade.
We always have the kids hold up fingers for what grade they are in. Rebekah can't even lie non-verbally without her face giving it away . . . thank you Lord! That will come in extra handy in a few years, I fear!
There, that's better. Jacob is a 5th grader, Rebekah is a 3rd grader and Lydia is a 2nd grader. Where do the years go?
The silly bunch of Falcon kids. All ready for school with a good 75 or 80 minutes to spare before the scheduled arrival of their bus!
Not too impressive considering she weighs about 9 pounds . . . ok, a little more than that, but not much!
Practicing waiting for the bus, since it still wasn't scheduled to actually come for quite a while!
A little bit of Lydia "cheese" to brighten your day!
Jacob the bus patrol! Who thought giving him extra authority and power over his sisters was a good plan? Hmmm!
Silly kids!
Momma and her first day of school kiddos . . . Anna was still peacefully sleeping upstairs.
After 30 minutes of waiting {we went out to the bus about 5 minutes before it was scheduled to come and waited 25 minutes past the scheduled arrival time, which was 6 minutes past when school is scheduled to begin} we finally gave up and Kirb took the kids to school in his car. Kind of anti-climactic after all the waiting and stuff. The bus finally showed up 26 minutes after the official school start time, 45 minutes later than it was scheduled to be at our house! Hopefully tomorrow it will be a little closer to on time! I understand all of us picture happy moms need our first day of school, getting on the bus shots and that buses often run late, but 45 minutes . . . really?
Joe gettin' happy in his classroom on the first day:

And they're home::

Joe apparently had a tiring first day of preschool since he fell asleep sitting up on the couch shortly after coming home:

The bus returns {only about 5 minutes behind schedule}
Rebekah {with Jacob close behind}:
3 kids and a dad:
looks like it was a good day:
The kids all had GREAT first days. They all have wonderful teachers. We are so thankful. Great kids. Great school. Great friends. Great teachers. What blessings! Here's to a great start to what seems like it will be another wonderful year of school!

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