Friday, February 21, 2014

flashback friday

A good friend of mine from college had an aunt who was the manager for DC Talk, back in the day. So during our freshman year, she took me along to a concert and we got to meet 'the guys'. Here is a picture from that day more than 21 years ago. Me, TobyMac, Liz, Michael, Liz's sister and her friend and Kevin ::
Fast forward a couple decades and my kids LOVE TobyMac (who was the lead guy in DC Talk). We got the 3 bigs tickets to his February concert at the Xcel center as a Christmas gift, and at the last minute we also got some back stage passes and got to meet him and have a picture with him. They were SO excited! I brought the two-decade-old picture along to show him. He loved it! Guess what else? My friend, Liz, from the picture above (purple and blue stripe shirt) was there. I hadn't seen her in over 20 years and we had a mini-reunion backstage at the concert. Her aunt is STILL TobyMac's agent/manager/whatever after all these years. What are the chances of that?

How's that for a flashback story? Pretty fun, huh?

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