Sunday, June 24, 2012

no. 2

I ran my second 5K yesterday morning. It was the "Run for the Roses" race, which is part of Roseville's annual Rosefest. Running it was kind of a last minute decision. When I checked the weather on Friday afternoon, the Saturday morning forecast looked beautiful, so I decided I'd give it a go. The race started at 8 on Saturday morning, so I got there about 7:15 to register. I got my bib and my official shoe-lace race timer thing, took a last potty break and headed to the starting line. There was a 5K and a 10K, as well as a 10K "Roll for the Roses" that people did on roller blades. The "rollers" started 5 minutes before the runners. All the runners started together and then the 5K and 10K routes diverged a ways down the road. Not too far into the race I picked two ladies :: one I was NOT going to let cross the finish line before me and one that {although a bit of a challenge} I was going to work hard to beat. The first lady has worked out at the same Y as me for years, and although I haven't ever had a conversation with her and don't know her, I remembered that I ran pretty much neck and neck with her in my 5K last month, and so I was determined to beat her. The 2nd lady was a little ways ahead of me for most of the race and so, I figured, she would be a good challenge and push me a little harder. Shortly after the first water break, a particularly good song came up on my iPod and made me cry. Now, I'm a cryer, there's no doubt about it, but I wasn't expecting this. It kinda hit me out of nowhere. Nice, just what I wanted, to be crying mid-race. Then, right before the finish, a woman just ahead of me ran by her husband and kids who were near the finish cheering her on and she grabbed her little guy's hand {he was probably 3 or so} and ran the rest of the way with him. So, not surprisingly, I started crying again. Perfect. So very me! I came to the finish line {with one shoe untied -- it came untied when I was nearly at the end and I figured I was safe to finish before I tied it. Thankfully, I was right and didn't trip or anything} ahead of both my two goal ladies {whoo hoo} and more than a minute ahead of my time from last month. So, I was excited about all that. However, on the downside, I did get beat by the first two 10K finishers. {Turns out they run twice as fast as me. Super!} And also, there was a lady just on my tail that I overheard telling someone that she was a great-grandma. Holy cow! So, there you have it. My second 5K is in the books!

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  1. That is awesome-and a minute faster than the last one?! LOVE this. Maybe someday I can do this. Maybe.


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