Saturday, June 9, 2012


Twenty months already. That's closer to 2 than I would like to admit. These days Sara is always on the move, gets into everything, LOVES to be outside, is quite opinionated, still loves her dad, still doesn't sleep through the night most nights, is getting a couple more teeth, has a diaper rash {and has for WAY too long} that I can't seem to get rid of completely, eats like she has a hollow leg and gets cuter by the minute. She also talks up a storm! Some of her newer words are ::
  • Becky {for Rebekah}
  • nigh-nigh
  • ball
  • happy
  • hola
  • morning
  • Luis {Luis is the Spanish-speaking contractor/carpenter working on our basement project -- so "Hola" and "Morning" are usually followed by "Luis" . . . and said over and over and over again so that it's surprising Luis can get anything done at all. She also says "Luis" whenever she hears the air compressor come on, or the nail gun fire, or the saw turn on, or screws going in to the wall or a hammer pounding or any other loud noise, for that matter. Whether Luis is here that day or not, he gets credit for all the noise these days!}
  • birdie
  • Joe Joe
  • van
  • please
  • up
  • dress
  • off
  • belly
  • Haddon
  • bus

She's a funny girl . . . and she knows it. She says "beep" when she burps or toots and then proceeds to giggle. That gets quite the reaction out of her siblings, so I'm sure that "trick" will be around a while. She has also just recently started to sing along to music. She has a couple words in a few songs that she knows and comes in with her few select words at {pretty much} the appropriate times. It'll be interesting to see how she changes with all the kids home for the summer. Hopefully she'll still manage to get a little down-time, even with all the activity that will be going on around here the next three months!

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