Saturday, July 9, 2011


somehow 9 months has zoomed by already
here are a few facts about our 9-month-old girl::
  • she can wave and clap
  • she pulls up on stuff ALL THE TIME {and quite frequently tips chairs over on herself} and prefers to be standing
  • she crawls REALLY fast
  • she weighs about 20 pounds
  • she LOVED the rides at Disney World! {as noted by the kicking of little legs and the bouncing up and down of her entire body}
  • she was a fabulous little traveler on our trip
  • she's had a nasty diaper rash for almost a month {I'm hopeful that being home again and putting her back in her cloth diapers will take care of it}
  • she's loved like crazy by her siblings . . . and parents . . . and pretty much everyone who knows her
  • Anna always calls her by both her first and middle name

plus, we think she's pretty cute!

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