Thursday, April 7, 2011

thankful thursday

I am so very thankful for spring! I'm pretty sure it's finally here to stay and it is so very welcome. It seemed like an extra long winter this year. So excited to be outside again, feel the heat of the sunshine, exhaust the kids and get some fresh air and vitamin D. So, with windows open and the smell of spring in the air, I present to you a few Stoll-ish, spring-ish pictures::

Signs of spring around here::

sporting raincoats {looks like she might not grow up to be a basketball star, but there's still time to improve that shot, right?}::
flowers peeking up::
rhubarb soon to come::
my first clothes on the line {the snowpants are all clean and put away for next year. take that, winter!}::
the last little bits of snow on the shady side of our house::
walking home from school sans coat::
brotherly love::
our newest two-wheeler master::
watch out world . . . he's pretty fast::
Happy Spring!


  1. This beautiful weather makes me so happy. Enjoy Shana! Love the new background. :)

  2. Going to be washing up our pile of snowpants today and putting away all of the boots that have been blocking our back door for the last 6+ months! yippee!


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