Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's "Joey Day!"
here's the little man we were thrilled to meet and add to our family 6 years ago today.
I can't believe how fast those half dozen years have gone,
what a cute little {crazy-haired} guy he was::
"I'm this many"
{taken when he was about a year and a half}::
with his kindergarten birthday crown::
the requested cupcakes::
"I'm this many!" {how can it be?}::
Happy Birthday Joe!
We sure do love you!

Some little tidbits about you at age 6::
  • you always wear superhero stuff under your clothes {usually your batman or superman pj's -- both tops and bottoms} and just a select few know of your "secret identity" as a superhero
  • you are exceptionally funny
  • you are exceptionally loud!
  • you make some crazy sound effect, the like of which I've never heard before
  • unless you are sleeping you are always making some sort of noise
  • you share a room with Sara
  • you have been on a "Batman kick" for more than 2 whole years now with no signs of letting up
  • you are learning to read
  • you just finished a session of swimming lessons where you started out as a pike and ended with the assignment to go right to trout {skipping over eel all together}, you are finally getting comfortable and proficient in the water
  • you have more facial expressions than any kid I've ever met
  • you can ride a two-wheeler
  • you are a home-body {like your mom} and would rather stay home than go pretty much anywhere
  • you are, however, excited for our Disney trip this summer
  • for a long time at the beginning of the school year you would leave your library book from school in your backpack and never, ever take it out {or even let us take it out}, you love to have books read to you, but you wouldn't let us read your school library book. I don't know if you took extra-seriously the talk about how to take care of library books or what, but it was pretty funny. you're pretty much over it by now.
  • you only eat about every third day . . . and barely pass enough through your lips to sustain you on the days in between. but when it's an eating day you better watch out!
  • you like your apples red and "cut up with NO skin". you won't eat them any other way.
  • the name is a bit ironic, because you basically survive on "Life" cereal -- it has taken on a whole new meaning around here.
  • you brought Oreos to school for your birthday snack today
  • you are a great student
  • you think life is pretty unfair and think you don't get to do nearly enough stuff {you seem to think yourself worthy of all the privileges of a 12-year-old}
  • you love the Lord and a few people have predicted that you might be a preacher someday -- I can't wait to see what the Lord will do with your passion for Him!
  • you love your family
  • you are a fabulous big brother . . . and a great little brother too!
  • your momma thinks you're pretty handsome!
  • you have the pointiest cheeks I've ever seen when you smile big
  • you are so very loved!

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