Sunday, July 18, 2010

story problems:: a pop quiz {prize involved!}

Think you are "Smarter than a 5th grader"? Try your hand at these story problems::
  1. Shana and Kirby share a bed. They believe that all people, regardless of age, are entitled to the same amount of space in the bed. If this is true, how much of the bed should Shana get?
  2. If Joe joins them in bed -- until being removed for teeth grinding -- how much of the bed should Shana get then?
  3. How many times, on the night of July 17th/18th did the team of Shana & Kirby {heavy on the "Kirby"} put a child to bed?
  4. How old is Shana today {well, technically, not until later this evening . . . but, you know!}? Yup, it's my birthday. Happy birthday to me!
Answer all 4 questions correctly and win a prize. If more than 1 of you get 100% on your pop quiz, I'll have to randomly pick one of you to get the prize {nope, I don't know what it is yet}, but just know in your heart that you are all winners! Answers posted later this week, when I'm done with all the stinky post-camp laundry! You have until then to enter. Ready? Go!


  1. 1. 1/2 the bed.
    2. based on size of all involved, mom and dad should get 3/8 of the bed each and little people the last 2/8.
    3. Eek, that doesn't sound too fun. I'll guess six times- which is a total guess.
    4. I've known you a long time but I'll probably get this wrong. 36 years old. Happy Birthday!!

  2. 1. 2/3
    2. 1/2
    3. 11 or 12?
    4. 36

    Happy Birthday, love. Your husband.

  3. Hi :)
    Happy Birthday!!!

  4. 1. 2/3 of the bed
    2. 1/2
    3. 5 times. A low-ball figure...we have done many more.
    4. 36...and you need a king-sized bed with baby #6 coming!!!

    Happy Birthday!

  5. hope you had a great birthday, shana!

    my answers to your little quiz:
    1. 3/ need a little extra space when you're expecting but not necessarily 2/3. :D
    2. you should get 2/5 but i'm guessing you probably only got 1/4--those little ones take up way more than their share!
    3. hmm. i'm gonna guess 7 times.
    4. 36. that was the easy one! :D


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