Tuesday, July 20, 2010

story problem answers . . . and a winner . . . or not!

Here are the answers to Sunday's story problems. {click here if you didn't see the quiz. The answers make more sense if you know what the questions were!} Nice attempts, everyone::
  1. 2/3 {we are of the mindset that unborn people are people nonetheless, so -- WHOO HOO -- more bed space for me. At least theoretically.}
  2. 1/2, via the same logic as #1:: {4 people in the bed. I "house" 2 of them and thus, get half -- 2/4 -- of the bed.}
  3. 17 {ok, try to follow along, this one is tricky::all 5 kids get put to bed initially -- early, at that, because they were all extremely tired and/or extremely crabby! +1::Anna is all weirded out by the change of having the kids home or something and will NOT stay in her bed or keep quiet -- we haven't had this problem since day 2 of "big girl bed" a few weeks ago, so I move her, temporarily, to a pack 'n play in the basement because it is driving her 2 sister/roommates insane. +4::we move the 4 remaining children, who are sleeping, to the basement when the tornado sirens are going off in our neighborhood -- also, someone reported seeing a funnel cloud near the intersection of Snelling & Larpenteur, which is SUPER close to here, although I never heard actual confirmation of that. +4::we move everyone back into their "normal" places for sleeping, except for Jacob who is comfy and says he wants to stay in the basement. +1::Joe decides, later, he would prefer to join us in our bed. +1::Joe is grinding his teeth, which makes his mother come dangerously close to the brink of insanity, and, it is her birthday by this point, after all, so she asks for his relocation to his own bed once again. Her wonderful husband obliges. +1::Jacob returns from the basement where he claims there are scary bugs. He has reasons for not wanted to go upstairs to his own bed and thus chooses the couch instead. 5+1+4 +4+1+1+1=17.}
  4. 36
No one got them all right -- Kirb was the closest, but we came up with different answers for #3 and since it's my quiz, my answer is right and his is wrong! Better luck next time, I guess! Thanks for trying everybody!

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