Saturday, August 29, 2009

A little preview

We got some family pictures taken a few weeks back. They turned out great, even in spite of Lydia's bang fiasco. Here's a little peek at them.

Kristie Anderson {KEA Photography in St. Paul} is amazingly talented and started taking our family pictures when LJ was just a little thing {Jacob and Rebekah were pretty little at that point too, actually}.

There are about 300 all together, but they aren't all completely splendid {it's amazing to me that with 7 of us, at least 6 of whom have a hard time cooperating and smiling normal -- good thing Kirb is so dependable and photogenic! -- that we get any good ones at all, but we did! Yay Kristie, thank you!}. Now I have a to sit down and decide what I am going to order and what {and how many} we can afford!


  1. They are beautiful!! I would have a hard time deciding. Looove your hair!

  2. What great pictures! I love the new one at the top of the blog!!

  3. i so love them, and the pictures too! :)


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