Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for Trout Lake Camp!
We had an absolutely wonderful time at Family camp this week! It was the best 5 days of our summer and everyone has said that they want to go back again next year. {Well, Anna didn't exactly say that, but she did have fun and said "mine" which we assumed to mean that she wants to go back again next year too!}
Being surrounded by such obvious expressions of the beauty of God's creation was such a blessing! The weather was great, the lake was beautiful, the trees pointed straight up to their Creator and reminded us of how good we have it!
Paths to wander were abundant::
Extra-fun, out-of-the-ordinary activities were also readily available.
The kids had fun trying out the skate park.
Lydia makes a pretty good "skater dude" don't you think?
One of Anna's many silly faces::
Jacob on the zipline: 25 feet in the air!
Thank the Lord for sturdy harnesses!
Typical Joe::
The "littles" in an early morning fog of tiredness before breakfast::
We were some of the earliest customers to breakfast::
The kiddos::
"Happy campers"::
Joe & Kirb::
The littlest and the biggest on our 7 am pontoon ride::
Momma and her baby::
Lydia climbing the rock wall::
The littles on the slide. This was Anna's FAVORITE thing of the week. Up the steps, down the slide. Up the steps, down the slide. Up the steps, down the slide. Over and over and over and over again!

The aftermath of 7 people camping for 5 days::
Well, just loads 1 & 2. There were many more after that!


  1. You're daughter's hair is so curly! ( I can relate!)

    The lake was beautiful!

    Great family memories and even better with God!

  2. I'm so glad you guys had a great time and made wonderful memories!

  3. Oh - what a great place! And what great memories made there! Neat!

  4. looks like you guys had a fun time! i love the laundry pics!


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