Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I'm so thankful for my washing machine. You can read the story of my washing machine here if you don't already know it.

Kids get extra dirty in the summer {and we have plenty of kids!} and with Rebekah on the swim team and in the pool at least 5 times a week on top of the fact that Anna wears cloth diapers {and we only have enough to last about 2 days} we get TONS of use out of our washing machine. Plus, I'm thankful lately that we've had splendid clothesline weather. I love drying our clothes on the line . . . it makes me feel so domestic, plus they smell all sunshiney, I have to be careful what stuff I put out there though, since Lydia & Jacob both have some seasonal allergies and don't sleep too well on sheets dried among all the pollen and such!

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  1. I love the diaper picture! We never use our clothes lines since we moved out here from town. Otherwise my clothes are full of bird poop and scented like the cows that border our property!


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