Friday, January 13, 2012

flash{way}back friday

here the old pictures of our house that I became the proud owner of last week
{if you don't know that story, you can read it here}::

our backyard in the winter {neither of our neighboring houses were built yet}::

Our garage {although it's been moved closer to the house since this picture was taken -- same building, though} and the west side of the house::

Well, would you look at that, there used to be a little entryway on the north side of our house. It's not there anymore, though. that door there leads to the side door that goes into our kitchen -- I wonder if that coal shoot was still in use when this was taken. it's still there, but has been all sealed up!::

The front of the house and 3 of the little people who grew up here {anybody know what year this might be, based on the super cool car in the driveway?}::

The backyard and the southwest corner of the house -- the frame for that swingset is still sitting in our backyard {sans swings, teeter-totter and ladder}::
I also have a picture of 3 little kiddos {the same 3 from the front yard pictures} bathing in a beautiful clawfoot tub in our bathroom {the tub isn't here anymore, but the bathroom still is, thankfully!}. But I decided it was in bad taste to publish naked pictures of others on the internet -- dontcha think?


  1. Sooooo cool, Shana!

    Beautiful photos and memories for a beautiful home.

  2. That's fun ... neat story of your visit with the sisters too :)


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