Saturday, January 21, 2012

big girl

Well, Sara had her 15-month check-up a couple weeks back. Turns out, she's growing just fine . . . and that's an understatement!

At 15 months::
  • she weighs 26 pounds, 3 ounces {90th percentile}
  • she is 31-1/4 inches tall {75th percentile}
  • her head is 18-1/2 inches around {75th percentile}
  • she eats just about anything we put in front of her {and LOVES it!}
  • she clearly knows when she's full and will vigorously shake her head "no" and refuses to open her mouth anymore
  • she walks, runs and climbs
  • she can say :: momma, daddyyyyyyy, ama, hi, hot and up -- and a version that we can understand of :: Joey, Bekah and Lydia
  • she can sign :: more, please and all done -- and she waves too
  • she still doesn't sleep through the night regularly {typical of our kids, unfortunately}
  • she prefers her daddy when she gets up in the night and has been known to go from standing up, calm and quiet {but awake!} to going limp, melting into a puddle and resuming her crying when she sees my silhouette instead of her dad's at the side of her crib in the middle of the night -- once she even scooted way into the corner of her crib, thinking maybe I couldn't reach her or something. Silly girl!
  • she is magnetically drawn to the dishwasher and the bathroom, whenever either door is left open she is there in an instant!
  • she is an easy-going, happy kid!
  • we adore her!

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