Thursday, August 4, 2011

thrifty thursday

I know I've mentioned this one before, but I've been doing it so often lately that I thought someone might have missed it and could benefit from this little tip. It's been SUPER hot and humid here lately, so we've been running the dehumidifier in our basement and nearly everytime I go downstairs it needs to be emptied. We also have quite a few people here who make dirty laundry, so I do lots of that as well. What do the two have in common, you may ask? Well, just empty the water from your dehumidifier right into your washing machine and you can save a bit on your water bill by doing something you would be doing anyway. If the thought of that grosses you out or the inside of your dehumidifier water collection jug-thing is nasty, you could also use the water to water some house plants or outdoor flowers or something. Anything to not just waste all the perfectly good water you just got out of the overly-heavy air we've had lately.

Ok, now go do some laundry or water the plants, 'cause I'm pretty sure your dehumidifier could use emptying!

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