Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This 'n that

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments yesterday. I'm so glad that it was an encouragement to others to get a little glimpse of my reality. No need to worry about me {in case you were worried}, I'm not feeling too bummed or any different than I normally do from day to day, just decided it would be nice to break from the norm of "pretty" posts and have a "this is the way it really is" one for a change.

For your viewing pleasure I present you with this adorable {and clean} baby girl::And, in other fun news, guess who has figured out how to smile? Hopefully it'll get captured on film too, so you can share in the cuteness, but if the first run at smiling was any indication, she's going to be a genius in the smiling category!

We had a miraculous healing around here::Kirb was clearing a path through the scary laundry room so he could get the non-functioning dryer out so that that "new" one could be moved in and decided to check it out one more time and guess what? . . . . IT WORKED! We both had checked it over good and it really was completely non-functional just a few days ago. Maybe after that 6-month long vacation because of the fabulous line-drying weather we had this spring, summer and fall, it got worn out with such a huge work load on it's first week back on the job {a family of 8 and out-of-town, overnights guests soon-to-arrive makes for quite a mountain of laundry!}. Who knows. But, it's working just fine for the time being.

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