Sunday, November 21, 2010


I am saddened to report that I'm pretty sure our dryer bit the dust last night.

It was a good dryer and served us faithfully through many a load {although it got quite a nice vacation each spring, summer and fall, while the clothesline took over the bulk of the workload}.

June 1998 - November 2010
proceeded in death by the washer
survived by a stove and refrigerator

I remember well the day our dryer arrived.

The delivery man asked me if my mom was home.

I don't remember exactly how I responded, but do remember that I got across the point that I was the "lady of the house" and remember that he wasn't quite sure what to say after that. He pretty much just delivered the dryer {and, it's companion the washer}, took the old ones away and moved on to his next delivery. Poor guy, I hope he wasn't too embarrassed by his mistake.

I was 24, married and employed well enough to pay the mortgage . . . ok, that's probably not quite true. I was employed enough to pay for the garbage to be picked up, of that I'm sure! {it wasn't a super high paying job. But I got summers off! Now I get paid even less and really, really DON'T get the summers off.}


  1. Lord we thank you for the Stoll Amana, and for its many years of fruitfulness. We pray that you would comfort Shana in her time of mourning, and we thank you for the fond and happy memories the Amana gave her. We also pray in advance that a new dryer would be found - one that can never replace the Amana, but be a new{ish?} and wonderful addition to the Stoll family.

    Watch over their laundry pile in the days to come, and bless the hands that launder it!

  2. I have a dryer you can have!! I got a new set last spring and was saving the dryer to hook up in the garage for an extra, but over the weekend we decided to part with it. You are more than welcome to take it, free of charge :) If you are willing to come get it and it would suit your needs. It is a Frigidaire. Call me or email or something if you are interested!!


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