Friday, November 5, 2010

flashback friday

November 2006::
So, do you know who that is with her arm around me? The extra-cute lady with the dark hair? Yup, it's Sara Groves! I may have been a tad star-struck; I just love her! {in case you weren't aware} Her music is amazing . . . I may have even sneakily named one of my children after her . . . maybe just a little bit! She is fabulous -- as are my fabulous friends who are with me in the picture and enjoyed "Hearts at Home" with me in 2006::

Me, Sara, Joanna, Kris, Jill, Jill and Annie

I would love to go again this year, but my Sara is here and making that not-so-possible and, plus, another certain Sara won't be there this year anyway, so I think I can make it until next year when, barring any newborns, I would love to try and go again! It's a great mom-encouragement, and what mom couldn't use a little extra encouragement?

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