Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Unexpected (and certainly unintended ) Sacrifice

So, I wrote earlier about the art exhibit of the "Stations of the Cross" that our church is doing, for which I was asked to create a piece. The one about which I was nervous, anxious and stressed out. I was in the company of some real, professional artists. Ones with crazy talent. Ones that I admire, respect and certainly wouldn't ever categorize myself with, as far as art goes! It was getting close to crunch time and the piece was due in the VERY near future. I had some ideas, but nothing firm or set in stone (actually, in my case, wood). I decided not to go to church with my family for Wednesday night activities and, instead, stay home and hope that some things came together and I could get a decent start, at least, on my submission. I was assigned the first station :: The Garden of Gethsemane. I read the associated passage from Luke in a few different versions, read a few commentaries on the passage and that night in the life of Jesus, and then started working with some ideas that had come to me -- some I had been thinking about since being given the assignment a few weeks ago and some that were fresh ideas to add to what was already percolating around in my mind.

All of a sudden things started to come together. Some of the ideas I had thought would work really well for my piece I threw out the window and some new ideas emerged. I had a basic idea laid out and was ready to put all the pieces together. I was close to being done -- my work is mainly a word collage with a couple visual aspects  as well. About half the words had been glued down and I was working on the rest of them. There is the aspect of time, that although not crucial, still can't be ignored. There is a limited time to work with things, you don't want things drying too quickly. So, when I noticed a speck of lint had found its way onto my piece, I blew it off -- clearly not thinking! The words that were yet to be glued down blew away (duh!). I wanted to pick them up quickly and keep working, so instead of moving my feet closer to where the pieces had landed, I kept planted where I was and stretched to reach them from the floor.

Here is where the unexpected sacrifice came into play :: I was wearing my favorite jeans. I bought them at a consignment store (where I buy most of my clothes) so I didn't pay too much for them. But, they fit great. They were long enough (tricky when you are long-legged). They were comfy. And, they looked good! I believe most of you understand how hard "that" pair of jeans is to find! So, some combination of my twisting and bending to get the blown-away words and I'm pretty sure you can guess what happened next . . . my very favorite jeans completely split up the back! No!

I knew taking this assignment would involve sacrifice. I would need to face my insecurities and step out of my cozy comfort zone. I would need to sacrifice time and mental energy to put my piece together. I would have to sacrifice a bit of money to buy the supplies. But I certainly did not intend to sacrifice my favorite pair of jeans! Believe me, had I seen this situation coming, I promise you I would have been wearing sweat pants, or an ill-fitting pair of jeans and NOT my favorites! Big bummer.

But, in the end, I really like the way my piece turned out, and I guess it was worth the sacrifice . . . all of them. Even the jeans (although I'm still mourning my loss). If you want to come and see the whole exhibit (I'm so excited to see how it comes together) that has a visual piece and a written piece for each station of the cross, it will be on display in the sanctuary of our church starting sometime next week. If you don't know where that is, I'd be happy to tell you, although I don't believe my audience is too vast and I'm pretty sure most of you are there most Sundays anyway (Hi Mom!).

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