Thursday, March 27, 2014

How on earth?

We had a big day around here over the weekend. It was our "twins" birthday. Jacob and Rebekah are exactly 2 years apart (within about an hour of time of day, too). They were due in different months, even, but we born on the same day. Jacob gave me a bit of high blood pressure that had the doctors worried and so they induced me early (he was due April 2nd). Rebekah was having a dandy time hanging out in my womb and saw no reason to leave, so finally when I was 6 days overdue and at the doctor for a check up, they insisted I come in the next morning to be induced -- which happened to be the 2nd birthday of my only other child. I wasn't super excited about them sharing a birthday (and cried about it in bed that night -- surprising, I know! Me. Crying?), but in the end it's kind of a fun thing for them to share a birthday. And it's good they didn't wait any longer to get Rebekah out of there, since she was over 10 pounds as it was. I hate to think what another day or two or three of "cooking" might have done to her! Yikes.
Jacob (3 or 4 months) and Daddy
Rebekah, almost 4 months
how sweet is that . . . holding hands

Jacob on St. Patty's Day in preschool (age 3)
Jacob (6 months or so) hanging out with his favorite college football player/uncle!

summer 2011
Rebekah (age 4) and her BopBop
eating pickles together at the state fair
first day of school :: 2nd grade and kindergarten
New Year's Eve 2012

right before Rebekah got all her hair cut off and donated it :: November 2012
Jacob and his mom
Rebekah made and decorated the cake with the candles (the 15 for Jacob and the 13 pink ones for herself), but since Jacob couldn't eat it Kirby whipped up another cake at the last minute so both birthday kids could enjoy some birthday cake on their big day!
the birthday "twins"

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