Friday, January 31, 2014

Flashback Friday

2013 was a year of renewed health for us! During the 12 months of 2013 (actually mostly in the first half of the year) Kirby and I lost a combined 70 pounds (give or take a few) and got way healthier and feel significantly better than we have in as long as we can remember. We are so thankful for the changes that has brought to our lives. Many people have asked us how we've done it. What's the secret? So I thought I'd share. It's not magic and it hasn't always been easy or without sacrifice, but it has been so very worth it! Every treat not eaten, every dollar spent, ever minute of exercise. All worth it to get to this place.

Here we are in August of 2012 (or maybe early September . . . we were at the state fair when it was taken). I am amazed when I look back at old pictures at how far we have come!

I finally had had enough! I was tired all the time, didn't feel good overall, and certainly needed to lose some weight. I also wanted to get in shape and just be healthier overall. I had tried changing my eating, exercising more and nothing ever seemed to work. Or to stick.

I had an acquaintance (friend of a friend) that I knew had lost significant weight with the help of some natural, whole food-based supplements. I was curious, but skeptical. Finally one day I asked her about it. Turns out it was more than I wanted to spend and I wasn't sure it was worth it -- or that I trusted it would work -- so I just kept on doing nothing. Then I found out that another acquaintance of mine (wife of a guy Kirby used to work with) had regained her energy and health AND lost weight (I wouldn't have thought she had any weight to lose, but the 15 pounds she lost were a bonus on top of the new-found health!) using the exact same supplements. I got more curious and less skeptical. I thought about it a few more months and finally bit the bullet and ordered the starter kit of supplements. They have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, so I figured I had nothing to lose.

I started on the supplements in November of 2012 and lost about 6 pounds the first week and proceeded to slowly and steadily keep losing until I'd lost a little more than 30 pounds. I have kept that 30 pounds off now for nearly a year. Kirby joined me in using the products in January of 2013 and he lost about 40 pounds over the course of a few months and has kept his weight off as well.

Here we are in August of 2013. Almost exactly a year after that other picture was taken. What a difference a year can make.

More important to use than the weight we have lost is the fact that we have gained energy. We have gained health. I was able to go off a prescription that I took for asthma -- which, with the weight loss and overall health gained was no longer an issue for me. Kirb used to suffer from pretty regular migraine headaches and has not had one now in about a year. We can do better all the things we love to do and enjoy more the time with our kiddos without getting completely worn out. Being healthy is really quite wonderful and fun!

Anyway, it has been a life-changer for us! We both feel good enough and energetic enough these days that we've taken up running. I ran a half marathon last fall :: something I never imagined myself doing (or even wanting to do!) Kirb went on quite a few long training runs with me and was my cheerleader. We have made changes to our eating. Mostly in the times of day that we do our eating (earlier in the day, rather than later) than in the foods that we eat, although there has been that aspect too. We are so thankful to have discovered better health. What a blessing!

The supplements are from a company called Xyngular. The have a product line of about a dozen different supplements (what you think of as traditional supplements -- pills that you swallow with water as well as juice, freeze dried powder that you add to water and drink, protein powder to make shakes, etc.). They are fabulous, not only for weight loss, but for improved health over all. I started out a skeptic, but now believe that they are wonderful and have my own (new) life as proof of that. I had heard stories of people finding relief from migraines, chronic pain, eczema and psoriasis, asthma, increased energy and focus, improvement in ADHD symptoms, improved blood sugar levels for diabetics, less illness, improved immunity and many more. It's not magic and won't happen all on it's own, but I know it has made all the difference for us. We couldn't have done it without the help these products gave us. We continue to use some of the products to maintain our health, and I feel like that won't ever change. We don't use the entire line of products every day, but it has become a part of our life now and we are so thankful.

It is no where near as important to me as my faith in God, but it feels very similar in many ways. I feel evangelistic about the products, but also reluctant and timid in sharing that with others. They have made a major change in my life -- as has my faith. If you are at all interested in hearing more. Just let me know, I'd be happy to tell you.

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