Tuesday, October 30, 2012

multitude monday { . . . or tuesday}

Here's my continuing Multitude Monday post -- albeit a day late -- which all started years ago on Ann's wonderful, amazing blog that is a favorite of mine. If you've never checked it out, do yourself a favor and click on over. She's an amazing, gifted writer and an inspiration (not to mention a mother of 6)!

"One Thousand Gifts"::

2735. Joe singing in church :: normally he doesn't sing, so it brought my heart a whole bunch of joy
2736. lunch time in an elementary school cafeteria
2737. bookstores :: stacks and stack of books!
2738. the library
2739. autumn :: my very, very favorite
2740. a 2-year-old with a fresh haircut :: being able to see her cute eyes again
2741. hand-me-down costumes
2742. Kirb bringing home a latte for me
2743. being home with no one but a napping 2-year-old when my book took a sorrowful turn and I was crying {dripping nose and all}. no need to explain my crazy weeping over a death that was fictitious.
2744. the funny things our kids say
2745. checking the online grade book and being pleasantly surprised
2746. friends
2747. chalkboard paint
2748. a fabulous {although painfully long} swim meet for our 3 swimmers
2749. brave kids overcoming fears
2750. backyard fires in fall
2751. book club night
2752. seeing a friend's new studio space
2753. my grandma
2754. protection for Sara :: a fall that could have been much worse than it was
2755. Joe on the couch engrossed in a book
2756. carpools
2757. my Bible app and quiet minutes in the morning
2758. a girl smiling, having fun and forgetting her struggles for a few hours while playing four-square {or three-square, as the case would be} with her friends :: being a little girl again for a while and forgetting her adult-size sadness
2759. Jacob picking up Anna from preschool :: the big brother and his little sister walking home down the block together

Alrighty, that's it's for this week. Tune in next Monday for the next installment.

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