Wednesday, October 10, 2012

40 + 2

It's been a big week around here.

This guy turned 40 ::

And this girl turned 2 ::

Here are a few little snippets of what you are like at age 2, Miss Sara ::

  • you have some really cute mispronunciations that I will be sad to see go someday soon :: J-bud for Jacob, down-sit for downstairs, while-ee-bee for library
  • you say "I 'cited about." all the time. I ask you, "what are you excited about?" and you answer, again, with "I 'cited about." (hello mom! I already told you!)
  • you always want to be on the go :: I go outside, I go in my carseat, Let's take a walk -- are phrases I hear many times a day
  • you love your carseat, and going places -- and you're very curious about everyone else's carseats too. you especially love to go in your Ama's carseat
  • you run and play and jump and ride your bike and do a pretty good job keeping up with those 5 older siblings you've got
  • you sleep in a big bed
  • you gave up your nuks a couple months ago, but still talk about them and miss them -- but you're doing great without them!
  • you finally are sleeping through the night more often than not
  • you love books :: being read to and looking at books are some of your favorite things to do
  • you know most of the words to your 3 or 4 favorite books, and can sit down alone with a book and tell yourself the story
  • you "raise the roof" and "head bang" when rockin' music comes on
  • you still sit (extra safe) in a rear-facing car seat. I plan to get it turned around forward facing in the next couple weeks -- you'll be "so 'cited" to face forward, I think
  • you STILL adore your Daddy. you love me too, but you're crazy about him (not that I can blame you!)
  • you're fearless
  • you love babies (just like your momma)
  • you are our favorite 2-year-old on the planet!
  • we love you so very much -- all 7 of us (and then some)

I can't believe this was two year ago already ::

We are so glad to have you in our family!

Happy Birthday to the oldest and the youngest members of our family!

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