Monday, May 7, 2012

multitude monday

Here's my continuing Multitude Monday post, which all started a while back, right here on Ann's wonderful, amazing blog that is a favorite of mine. If you've never checked it out, do yourself a favor and click on over. She's an amazing, gifted writer and an inspiration!

"One Thousand Gifts"::

2144. meeting this season's soccer coaches and teammates
2145. basement draintile :: check!
2146. neighborhood potlucks
2147. wonderful neighbors :: 60+ years in the same house for a couple people on our block. i love that longevity (we're still some of the "newbies" at nearly 15 years here)
2148. Bible study ladies
2149. a husband who comes to my rescue and is my hero
2150. an early morning run (6:15 :: ouch!)
2151. a fun, relaxing Saturday
2152. the quacking of a duck breaking the quiet morning
2153. enough grace for each day (but no extra, it would seem)
2154. a yummy grilled cheese and fries
2155. bike helmets
2156. the smell of fresh cut grass
2157. friends who let you use their bathroom and absorb your family into their family birthday celebration, uninvited though you were -- not to mention the fact that there are 8 of you!!
2158.  fresh haircuts for all 3"boys"
2159. family walks
2160. the smell of a steamy mug of Earl Gray on a cold, rainy afternoon
2161. carpools
2162. caring, encouraging, challenging, supportive teachers who sincerely want the best for our kids and want to see them succeed. what a blessing!
2163. family traditions
2164. the right words at the right time and the difference it can make
2165. preschool teachers :: God bless 'em, that is a job I could not do!

Alrighty, that's it's for now. Tune in next Monday for the next installment.

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