Friday, March 23, 2012


Just a little break in my break to say . . . Yikes!

Today we enter a new world. Today we are a house with a teenager! Jacob turns 13 today (and Rebekah turns 11 today . . . but that doesn't make her a teenager for 2 more years, and since this post is about teenager-ness, that fact is not quite as important, as it pertains to this post).

Today begins a new chapter.

A chapter that will last 18 years, 6 months, 2 weeks and 2 days.

That's how long we will have teenagers in our house. At the peak of teenagers, in 2018, we'll have 4 teenagers. For 8 years we'll have 3 teenagers under our roof. Another 5 of the years between now and 18.5 years from now, we'll have a pair of teens. And for this year and 2013 we'll just have one . . . and we won't return to having just one teen again until 2028. That's some crazy stuff! I'm kind of a statistics lover geek. If you aren't, you can just ignore all the numbers and let the fact that I'll be 56 before I'm done raising teens soak in a bit.

So, until then, you can keep us in your prayers. We'd appreciate it!

Happy Birthday Jacob! Happy Birthday Beka! We love you :: baby. toddler. preschooler. big kid. tween. teen! adult. It doesn't matter :: we'll always think you're the best!

And in other fun facts :: Jacob and Rebekah share the same birthday {you already know that!}, but did you know that Jacob's best bud, Jack, and Rebekah's best bud, Evelyn, share a birthday too? Cool, huh? I find it quite interesting. They share a June birthday -- exactly a year apart. They were both here jumping on our trampoline just yesterday.


  1. 56?! That's way too far ahead to think about yet! :)

  2. That is crazy.. 2026 seems so far away. We are celebrating a birthday this weekend too. Ours turns 9. - finding you from inRL meetup

  3. I can't believe baby Jacob is a teenager! I'll never forget carrying him through the halls of Bethel when he was brand new... God has been faithful! And so He will remain! Love to you all... Katie T.


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