Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Little Miss Anna is 4. In the first minutes of March 28th, 2008 -- in the wee hours of the night -- we welcomed our 5th little blessing. Our 3rd girl. Anna Grace.

Some fun things about you these days ::
  • you sing ALL THE TIME
  • you learn song lyrics {although sometimes not the actual lyrics intended by the songwriter} with amazing speed
  • you love preschool
  • you want to be called "Anna S." all the time, because that's what they call you at preschool {there are two girls named Anna in your class, and your teacher is Anna as well}
  • you are always asking if you can play Fruit Ninja on my iPod
  • you eat just about anything
  • your curls just keep getting curlier and curlier
  • you can write your name, but you write all your letter upside-down. it's weird!
  • you are a great older sister to Sara and are always saying that she is your best friend
  • you often crawl into our bed at some point in the night -- often undetected :: we find you there with us in the morning and don't remember when you came to join us.
  • you share the big room upstairs with Rebekah and Lydia. we just rearranged it a couple weeks ago and you love the new layout with your bed by "da doow" {translation :: the door}
  • i love the way you talk! {which is good, because you talk A LOT!}
  • my favorite mispronunciations of yours are "covered" for cupboard and "make-ed" for naked.
  • you dress yourself and do your own hair :: sometimes it's hard for me to let you out in public looking the way you do, but 81% of the time, we just go with it {the other 19% requires intervention -- often because of things like the fact that a sleeveless top isn't so great a choice in the dead of winter}. you've got a style all your own!
  • you have this cute pair of boots that i love {and you like pretty well too} and they zip shut on the insides. one day i told you that the zippers need to "kiss" and that way you would know they were on the right feet. I thought that was a clever way to make sure your boots got on the right feet, but it backfired and now you put them on the wrong feet intentionally because, as you told me, you DON'T want them to kiss . . . ok, lesson learned!
  • in the bathtub, or just after you've taken a bath you always say "don't look at my privateness." also, just the other day you were playing with a doll with no clothes on and you mentioned that fact that you could see her "privateness" . . . how cute is that!?!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie! We love you lots!

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  1. Hey Shana!!! It's been WAAAAY too long and I had to check in on the blog and catch up! I hope you are enjoying this long spring you're having:-). I know you are! The kids are all getting so big. I can't believe it! Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I think of the Stoll crew often :-). Love you!


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