Saturday, October 29, 2011

brown paper packages tied up with strings::

Ok, just for fun here are a few {random, and in no particular order either} things that I really, really like. "These are a few of my fav-o-rite things." I'm so glad each of them is a part of my life. {In case you thought there might be, there is no monetary reason for this list. You could buy a million of each of these things and I wouldn't get a penny. Just so you know}::
  1. Burt's Bee's chapstick {a winter must-have in my book!}
  2. The Jesus Storybook Bible {the Deluxe Edition includes the whole book on audio CD too, read by a guy with a bit of a British accent. How fun is that?}
  3. my clothesline
  4. a caramel latte {or maybe almond}
  5. the library
  6. oreos with peanut butter on top
  7. 1000 gifts by Ann Voskamp
  8. my favorite womanly essentials :: lunapads and a diva cup
  9. my family
  10. double coupon day at the gas station {Tuesday} and the grocery store {Wednesday and Saturday}
  11. babies :: the newer, the better
  12. Mod Podge {I got through the stuff like water :: and I know how to make my own, but I don't do it, if you buy it with a coupon {Michael's, Joann's :: whoever has a 50% off} it's just as cheap to buy it and you didn't have to do a bit of work yourself}
  13. hard, face-hurting, side-splitting, pee-your-pants-a-bit laughter!
  14. Haribo gummi fruit salad {mmmmmmm}
  15. water with lemon
  16. music :: my current favorites are Third World Symphony by Shaun Groves, Deeper & Painted Red by JJ Heller, Fireflies & Songs and Invisible Empires by Sara Groves {no relation between Shaun & Sara, they just happen to have the same last name!} soon, though, I will be listening to Christmas music. I love Christmas music!
  17. watching Parenthood
  18. smartwool socks {I have them on at this very minute. I'm a frugal girl, generally speaking, but these expensive numbers are worth every single penny, if you ask me!}
What are some of your favorite things?


  1. Catherine WestbySat Oct 29, 05:40:00 PM

    What a great idea Shana {you have so many of those, in my humble opinion}::plus you used a line from one of my 2 my fav-o-rite movies.

    1. Music that draws me nearer to the Lord, and leaves me humbled and usually in tears {In Christ Alone, Great is Thy Faithfulness, The Power of the Cross, and Amazed come to mind}

    2. snuggling with my hubby

    3. flannel sheets

    4. Chaco sandals

    5. hugs from my teenage boys

    6. libraries and the world of books they contain

    7. a good latte, especially when enjoyed with a good friend

    8. fall - God's spectacular radiance all around in a blaze of glory

    9. Sense & Sensibility

    10. good bread and cheese

    11. roasted red pepper hummus

    12. cooking and baking and seeing others enjoy the bounty

    13. road trips with my family

    14. Christmas ornaments

    15. food and home magazines

    16. cranberries, pretty much in any form

    17. scrapbooking

    18. laughing so hard I cry

    19. my husband's book

    20. my neighborhood

    Love you, Shana, and you are one of my fav-o-rite people :)

  2. Some on my list would be the same as yours...the library, smartwools, water with lemon and my neighbor's clothesline that she lets us share. :)

    Great list!


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