Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Musings

Here are a few random thoughts that are swirling around in my brain lately. Enjoy ::

  • You know when they are re-surfacing a road or a parking lot or something and there are all those little tiny rocks and when you drive that hit the underside of your car (or in my case, huge van -- with a lot of underbelly surface area, I might add!)? I really can't stand that sound. It makes me feel like I might lose my mind! True story!
  • I'm super proud of the hubs who took 2nd place in a "Biggest Loser" contest that his work put on. It ran from the first of the year until last Friday. He lost just under 40 pounds (39-point-something). I'm so happy for us. He can use his cash prize to buy some new clothes that fit, since most of his are WAY too big! Way to go, Kirbs!
  • It seems a bit crazy to me that I saw flurries in the air on Saturday and was shivering at an outdoor event (May 11th, mind you!) and then on Tuesday (only 3 days later) I had sweat pouring down my back while standing perfectly still watching Rebekah's track meet. It was 98 degrees. Minnesota is a crazy place!
  • There is nothing in the whole entire world like a fresh, new baby. I just cuddled one that was less than 24 hours old. NOTHING. LIKE. IT! Welcome to the world, sweet girl. We waited and waited and prayed and prayed for you and are SO glad you're here.
  • I guess when people ask me "Are you a runner?" I have to answer yes (although for over a year now I've been running on a regular basis, I still always said "Nope."). But since I've listened to a few podcasts on running, read a book or two on running and am up to 7 miles on a longer-run day, I guess I should finally start saying yes. Really? Weird! I barely know myself!
  • School is almost done for the year. How can that be? In a couple days I will be the mom of a high schooler? What. on. earth? That might be even harder to believe than the "runner" thing.
  • I am thankful for my belt sander.
  • I'm not a fan of talking on the phone. But the other day when I hung up with an out-of-town friend that I hadn't caught up with in WAY too long the digital timer on the phone said I'd been talking to her for over 2 hours. That's a really big deal for me . . . and I loved every minute of it. Now if only we could make it happen in person, that would really be great!
Ok, I guess that's all. Carry on!

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  1. Love this Shana! I also hate that noise (finger nails on a chalkboard). Way to go Kirby!! Yes, this weather is nuts, but I will take the 98 degrees any day. I think it is pretty amazing that you run. I can run for about 5 minutes on the treadmill and then I'm done. I remember when you were pregnant with #1, how can it be that he is going to high school!! Love talking on the phone with close friends. In fact my prayer partner and I pray on the phone, because she lives out of state! :)


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