Sunday, September 9, 2012


23 months. That means that at this time next month she'll be 2 already. This is the last month we qualify to go to Baby and Me Storytime at the library. Only 3 more Wednesday mornings and she'll be too old.

{Except for the still waking up at night} If I could keep her just how she is right now for a bit longer, I would in a heartbeat! But I know 5-other-kids-worth that I can't. Each day she's a little bit different. Has learned a new word or phrase, can climb higher or run faster or get down off the trampoline without help. Time just keeps on flying!

I love how she says "library" and announces that she has "lucky poop" when she needs a new diaper {she can't say "yucky", so it comes out "lucky" -- SO funny!}. I can't get enough of her singing "Jesus loves Me" and "Good Night, Good Night" {a family song that I made up when Jacob was a baby}. She always wants to go outside or go somewhere in the van or take a walk.

We all think she's great and are so blessed to have her in our family. We love you, Miss Sara Evelyn!

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